How to Add Facebook Page Username If you Don’t Have Option To Add It


So in this tutorial we are going to talk about how to add Facebook page Username If its not showing you any option to how to change or add username. Most of times this problem arrived only when you tried to create more than one Facebook Page on a same day.

For Example:- If you created a one Facebook Page today & than tried to create a another Facebook Page After that than its not giving you any option to give the username to that particular page.

I created a one Facebook Page today & Facebook gives me the option to give the username of that page.

After That i tried to create a another Facebook Page but its not giving me any option to add the username of it.

So as you see 2nd time its not giving me any option to add username of that page. But I have a little hack to give a username of that particular page. All you have to do that just follow the steps that I’m showing you.

  • Go into your any desktop browser & login into your Facebook Account. After that click on your Facebook page that you want to add the username. Now when your particular page opens than clicks on the Setting menu that available on your right hand sight. which I also highlighted with the yellow pen.

  • So now we make one of our friend the admin of that particular page. So with that he also got the all page editing rights that we have right now. Make sure he is trustworthy & ready to do all the necessary changes that required. If you have 2nd Facebook account you can also use that for this purpose.
  • To make one of your friend admin of your page just go into your setting page & click on the page role icon.
  • After that search the name of your friend that you want to make the admin of that page & change his role as a admin. After that click on a Add button.

  • Now we done everything for our account side. Ask your friend to make a necessary changes. In order to complete this tutorial imagine that we have a Login credentials of his Facebook account.
  • So now all we have to do is logout from our Facebook account & login with his Facebook Account Credentials.
  • After login with his Facebook account. Go to Page section & select your particular page.
  • After going into page you have to notice one thing previously there is no option to change username but now it has  option to change username.

  • So now you have two option to change username. First one is just click on the (create page @username) option below the profile pic & give it your desired username (If it is Available).

  • The second option is that click on the Page Info Button which is available right side of the share page button after that one pop-up window is gonna open scroll down to that window & click on the see all information option.

  • After clicking on the see all information link a new page will be open. Now just again click on the (create page @username) option & give the username to your page. It is so simple as that.
  • So for this tutorial I create a page name (@youknownikhil).

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