Himalaya Men Power Glow Licorice Face Wash Honest Review by Man


Dear Readers, I’m back with another great & honest review. So in this article i’m going to review Himalaya men power glow licorice face wash. Himalaya herbals have a series for men’s face wash. I think in this men’s face wash series they have 5-6 face wash for different purposes. In my future articles in going to cover every product of himalaya face wash series. So in this article I’m going to cover power glow licorice face wash. Himalaya marketed this product & saying it add glow on your skin. So in this cosmetics business world every company claims that they have best product for men or women. But in real world you never get results as per what they claim in their product advertisements.

But don’t worry I’m here with my honest review & experience regarding this product. My blog is all about sharing true information with this world & also with you guys. I’m writing this review after using this face wash on my face for around last 20 days. I’m not writing any review & giving my any suggestion without using that particular product. I’m here to write the truth & provide you true information. So Ok, without wasting your time let’s start this review.

In order to giving you proof & pricing of this product I’m going to add screenshot of my order detail.

I ordered this product through amazon on 20-Oct & this product got delivered on my address on 25-Oct. As per product pricing the actual MRP of this product is 150 INR but it cost me around 98 Rupees after applying promotion coupon. The pricing of this product is quiet less if you compare the pricing with local retail store.

This face wash is comes in 100ml greenish wide & little long tube pack with all the product branding. It’s actually looking nice in your bathroom or wherever you put this. The opening & closing cap of this tube is quiet strong “not that strong” but still quiet strong. The cap easily till the last till the face wash tube got empty.

when it comes to the ingredients of this face wash its a mixture of the natural & lab made ingredients. This face wash contains around 24 ingredients. I’m only going to cover few important ingredients that they used in this face wash.

This face wash contains Licorice root extract. Licorice is basically a herb which used for a prevent infections which cause by bacteria & viruses. Its also helps you to reduce oiliness, inflamed skin, itchiness of your skin. It also contains Glycerin, Fruit Extract, Apricot seed power & Menthol. These all ingredients are good & helps you to clean your face. It doesn’t contain Alcohol which is good. Alcohol makes your skin dry & ruff. it’s also not good for sensitive skin.

The actual face wash is in gel form. The gel is thick & the color of the gel is light orange. In the gel their is also contain little Microbeads which hepls you to clear the dirt of your skin.

The perfume of this face is quiet good. Personally I liked it. It’s not that mild or not that strong. It’s definitely noticeable if someone comes near you or hugs you. The smell of the perfume is depends on a person-person taste. If you ever used Nivea Men all in one face wash the perfume of the this face wash is definitely better than that. So I covered every little part of from tube shape to ingredients & smell on this review. So now let’s comes to the my verdict part. Which is the most important part of this review. Which helps you to make a decision is that face wash is good for your needs or not.

My Verdict:-

As I told you before I’m using this face wash for around last 20 days. I found that this face wash is good to remove any excess oil & dirt from your skin. My skin is sensitive & this product doesn’t harm me. Till now I didn’t found any Pimple pooping on my skin or nor any rashes on my skin. The Glycerin helps to make my skin little softer to touch. So now if I comes to Glowing part of this product which has the name of this face wash. In simple words “No” it didn’t makes your skin glow. The glow of your face is depends on a your nutrition. Nutrition makes your skin glow because it works internally. When you feed your body with food which have healthy nutrients. That makes your skin glow. Face wash is works as a externally.

I don’t think any face wash in the market makes your skin glow if your nutrition is poor. I’m also a Nutritionist so believe in my words. I also didn’t found any harmful effect of this face wash on my skin.

So in summary This face wash helps you to clean your skin, Removes any dirt, Makes skin little softer, Doesn’t makes your skin dry, good for sensitive skin but it didn’t add any glow as they claim. It’s definitely better than any soap.

Tip to Make Your Skin Glow:-

Add food in your diet which has high in Omega-3, Vitamin-C, Protein & Fiber green leafy vegetables.

Omega-3:- Fish, Flex Seeds, Chia Seeds.
Vitamin-C:- Guava, oranges.
Protein:- chicken breast, Egg whites, Skim Milk.
Fiber:- Flex Seeds, Chia seeds, oats, Brown Rice, Gram Flour.

If you add these foods in your diet. Then its definitely helps you to make your skin glow & these protect your skin from aging. You also have to avoid any Fast Food, Artificial Sugar & Don’t consume foods which has high in Saturated & Trans Fat.

My Rating:-

So this is my honest review of Himalaya men power glow licorice face wash. I hope you like it. Please share this article on any one social media platform in order to show your love for me. Because my blog is all about sharing true information with this world.

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